What You Should Know Before Installing a New Car Radio

Radio is a very fundamental part of the driving experience for most of us. Some drives may get long or stressful, for example when there’s a lot of traffic or you are under pressure to reach the destination quicker due to lack of time. It can even be that the drive is long and you get bored by the silence – the possibilities can be endless. What matters it that one keeps a clear head so that they can focus on the road without any distractions. Here comes the irony; car radios are the distractions that help us focus on the road for a better driving experience.

So, we’ve concluded that car radios are indeed a fundamental part of a car. Now we head on to discussing what one should know before they make the decision of installing a new car radio in their vehicle.

All cars come fitted with a car radio, so the process of installing a new radio serves the purpose of improving your old one with extra features and functionality that are helpful for the driver as well as the passengers. So what should you look into?

There are two main types of car radios: local and satellite radios. Again, all cars come with AM/FM radio that tune into local stations, so the best you can do is get a new, local car radio with better features.

Satellite car radio offers a wider range of radio stations and is beneficial for those who want variety in what their car radios can provide. It also expands on the news and sports stations for those who want to stay updated during long drives. Satellite radio, in general, is for people who usually find themselves on road trips. One drawback of this choice in car radio is that it doesn’t offer great audio quality, so be sure to keep that in mind when applying for a monthly or annual subscription to satellite radio.

This is a crucial part of any car radio, as this is what decides the quality, range and features of the audio that your radio system will be able to offer. Built-in HD radio decoding receivers are widely available and will improve both the quality and range of the radio.

The accessories of an audio system add to your car radio for a better experience, some of them being what other audio sources you need – CD, DVD, AUX, USB or Bluetooth connectivity – as well as if you need GPS or tracking systems.

Before making a decision, ask yourself:

  • How much budget can you spend?
  • Do you want to improve only the quality of sound?
  • Do you want to replace your old car radio?
  • Would you prefer a local or satellite radio?

Once you answer these questions, your choice on a car radio or audio system will be clearer.